Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy

Girls Inc. Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy®

United States teenagers have the highest pregnancy rate in the industrialized world. A third of ninth-grade girls have already had intercourse. From Capitol Hill to national youth- development organizations to community coalitions, those who care about “kids having kids” are searching for ways to prevent teen pregnancy. Poll after poll indicates that adolescents want comprehensive information that applies to their everyday lives. They can “just say no” only with know-how — with motivation, attitude and skills.


Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy gives them that. This age-phased program provides appropriate skills, insights, values, personal tools, peer support and complete information. Based on developmental stages, research, and reality, this abstinence-plus program centers on interactive, informal learning to nudge girls into “owning the discovery” that they have the right to be all that they can be. The key is motivating girls to make smart choices — either choosing to postpone sex or, if not, using effective protection against pregnancy and disease. Nearly 200,000 have participated in the program.

Growing Together

For Girls Ages 9 – 11 & a Parent/Adult Five interactive sessions jump-start crucial, two-way conversations between girls and a trusted adult about sexuality issues — to open doors to future communication. Key topics include parents being the primary sexuality educators; changes during puberty; anatomy, physiology and hygiene; adolescent sexual development and feelings; and values and expectations for teen sexual behavior.

Will Power/Won’t Power®

For Girls Ages 12–14 In this10-session program girls learn how to say no to sex as they enter the most pressure-sensitive adolescent years. Interactive sessions center on values; relationships; the reproductive system and female health and hygiene; separating sexual myths from reality; assertiveness and communication skills; identifying and resisting sexual pressures from the media and peers; sexual decision-making and avoiding risky situations; the positive aspects of abstinence, and the power of a positive-sister support system.

Taking Care of Business®

For Girls Ages 15–18 Ten interactive sessions focus on recognizing and moving beyond limiting sex-role stereotypes for women; values as a basis for positive decision-making; assertiveness, refusal and relationship skills; avoiding risky behavior, pregnancy, STDs and HIV through abstinence and smart choices; the facts on contraception and protection; and communication and success skills to achieve career goals.

Health Bridge

Health Bridge is a health-care delivery model linking girls to community health- care professionals and services—to turn information into action. Centering on the “whole girl,” it is also an essential resource for girls who choose to be sexually active to have access to necessary reproductive health, testing, and contraception services.


A three-year evaluation found: older teens who completed the program were half as likely to have sex and one-third as likely to get pregnant in the year following the program as those who participated less or not at all; younger teens who completed the program were half as likely to have sexual intercourse as those who participated less or not at all.

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