Economic Literacy

Girls Inc. Economic Literacy®

In the Economy Literacy Program girls as young as six are introduced to basic financial concepts, including money management and investment. During programming girls look at how money affects us locally and globally and fosters the development of skills needed to be financially self-sufficient.

She’s on the Money® is a program that provides girls with the skills and self-confidence they need to contribute to the economy and make strong, smart and bold decisions about their financial futures. Girls learn how to budget, save, take informed financial risks, and avoid feeling intimidated about money. Equally important, the program gives girls the opportunity to discuss equal pay for equal work, child-care, welfare and other issues that particularly affect women and girls.


Media and technological literacy have become basic elements of modern life, but money is even more basic to meeting one’s essential needs. Statistics show that the vast majority of girls growing up today can expect to spend most of their adult lives in the labor force. Most will work to support their families; many will do so on their income alone. Yet, according to a recent survey commissioned by Girls Inc. and conducted by Louis Harris and Associates, although girls and boys understand equally well that it takes responsibility and hard work to succeed financially, girls feel considerably less confident about managing money.

Girls Inc. serves girls who are especially in need of economic literacy. Most come from single-parent families with incomes under $25,000. In 1995 women headed more than 38 million U.S. families. This represented 30 percent of all households.

The ability to use basic economic concepts to make decisions about saving, sharing, and making money, or economic literacy, is a skill. Like reading and writing, a working knowledge of basic money concepts is essential for future success. Whether a girl is from a low-income or wealthy home, lives in a rural or urban community, at some point in her life she is likely to be responsible for her own financial well being.

In addition to support from their funders, our national organization have also partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education and the Stock Market Game®. The National Endowment for Financial Endowment is providing us access to their High School Planning Curriculum as an additional source of information. With the Stock Market Game®, girls get the opportunity to simulate making stock trades.

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