L.I.F.T. / L.I.F.T. Alliance



L.I.F.T (Leadership Institute for Teens) is a curriculum-based program that focuses on leadership, team-building, character education and volunteerism for future academic endeavors. Over the course of the academic school year, our participants will engage in peer-to-peer interaction and exercises, internship/job shadowing opportunities, and collegiate preparation. Throughout the course of their yearly commitment, each participant is required to take part in monthly community service projects.

L.I.F.T. aims for each girl to gain a holistic point of view of post high school education.

We meet once every other week from 6:30pm to 7:30pm at one of our Girls Inc. sites in Portsmouth or Hampton, VA.

Quick Facts about L.I.F.T. & L.I.F.T. Alliance

 L.I.F.T. is designed for girls ages 12-18 & L.I.F.T. Alliance is designed for boys ages 12-18

Gender-specific and will assess the needs of the individuals in the program

Curriculum-based programming that focuses on leadership, team-building, character education, public speaking, and volunteerism

Young Professional Development skill building

Accrue volunteer hours throughout the summer and school year

More Information About L.I.F.T/ L.I.F.T Alliance

For more information about LIFT/LIFT Alliance or how to enroll your daughter or son into our program, please contact 757-465-3896 or email: [email protected]