People of Infuence 2011

Girls Incorporated of the Greater Peninsula is planning its sixth People of Influence Fundraising Gala, Thursday, December 1, 2011 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, Hampton, Virginia. Funds raised will ensure that youth in our community receive valuable national research based programs that will inspire them to become strong, smart, and bold adults.

We are pleased to announce that our speaker and performer for our 6th Annual Fundraising Gala is CHRISETTE MICHELE! Chrisette is a female vocalist with such hits as “Blame it on Me” and “Epiphany.” Girls Inc of the Greater Peninsula invites you to enjoy dinner and an evening with Chrisette Michele.

The purpose of this event is to raise $100,000.00 to support Girls Inc of the Greater Peninsula programs in your community! We are soliciting you and your friends as People of Influence to make or pledge a taxable contribution of $200 the night of the event. Just imagine – for less than $20 per month you can positively influence a child’s life.

Currently, Girls Inc. provides safe learning environments for over 400 youth daily within the walls our four (4) campuses in Hampton and Newport News. During after school hours, Girls Inc. transports youth from 20 schools in Hampton and 15 schools in Newport News to Girls Inc campuses. Youth participate in programs that enhance their critical thinking and decision making skills, and are served USDA breakfast and dinner daily. In addition, Girls Inc offers summer camps Monday-Friday during summer months from 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. The programs and transportation prevents gang involvement as well as other risky behaviors thereby ensuring safe communities on the Peninsula. Proceeds from the fundraising gala will allow Girls Inc. to continue offering Girls Incorporated’s national researched curriculums to youths ages 5-18 in the Hampton Roads communities. Funds will support the following:

• Program curriculums and supplies
• Affordable programs that will allow ANY child to be in safe environments during out-ofschool
hours when they are more likely to get involved in risky behaviors and/or gangs.
• Transportation to transport children from Peninsula schools to programming campuses.
• Staff development training to ensure that children are under the supervision of
professionally trained adults.
• Program scholarships to offset cost of participation for families who have multiple
children and for low-income families enabling them to attend at a reduce cost or free.

Raising funds in this uncertain economic environment is overwhelming for non-profits.
Therefore, we ask that you support this event and make an impact for positive change!